The Creative Photo Artist group stands for sharing of creative photographs, ideas and experiences and for sharing honest and sincere feedback to the authors. Membership to the group is by invitation.

- Goutham and Murali

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A G Lakshminarayan

Murali Santhanam

Name : Murali Santhanam
Website : muralisanthanam.com
About you and Gear : Photography is close to my heart and appeals to my head as well. I was attracted to the science of photography after reading Kodak Photography Guide during my college days. Since then I have been pursuing photography with various limited equipment. In the last 8 years I found a new tool for learning photography, company of other photographers. Since then the interest in photography had taken a hockey stick climb. My interests in photography lie in the areas of nature, macro, architecture, landscapes, night scenes and table top. I do very little of people photography.

I combine my interest in science and electronics to create interesting photographs. Not being from an arts background, I compose the way I feel rather than follow any specific principles.